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S A Traders


We, S. A. Traders are leading organisation. we are engaged in the wholesaling, Trading, Importing, Exporting and Distributing of Measuring Instruments, Power Tools and much more Mr. S. Kamani started the company in 1985, who has years of expertise and skills in the respective domain. Our team of distributors enables us to meet the demands of the clients within the stipulated time frame. Moreover, our warehousing unit allows us to store products to enable us to meet the urgent requirement of customers. Our undue attention as well as commitment towards quality, timely delivery and honesty has assisted  our company in reaching new heights of success and motivating the team to attain goals We have wide range of products such as Measuring Instruments Hi-Mezar Digimatic Caliper Vernier Caliper Dial Caliper Outside Micrometer Adjustable Inside Micrometer Adjustable Outside Micrometer Adjustable Micrometer Screw Thread Micrometer Depth Micrometer Disk Micrometer Tubular Inside Micrometer Bore Gauges Dial Test Indicator Magnetic Stand Combination Square Set Digimatic Micrometer Height Gauge Bevel Protractor Outside Micrometer with Interchangeable Anvil Telescopic Gauge Blade Micrometer Digimatic Height Gauge Inside Micrometer Hi Mezar Digimatic-Caliper Power Tools Demolition Hammer Rotary Hammer Angle Grinder Impact Drill Rotary Drill VSR Drill Mixer and Rotary Drill Chop Saws Hammer Machine Breaker Machine Combination Hammer Heat Gun Electric Blower Marble Cutter Tile Cutter Circular Saw Industrial Jigsaw Electric Planer Electric Router Screwdriver Impact Wrench Cordless Drill Power Sander Car Polisher Die Grinder Electric Drill 6mm Electric Drill Bench Grinders Cordless Hammer Drill 110mm Marble Cutter Black And Decker Kx1800 Heat Gun Bosch-2-26-Re-Hammer Bosch-Angle-Grinder-GWS-20-180 Bosch-Gbh-2-18-re-Hammer Bosch-GCO-200-Chopsaw Bosch-GHG-500-2-Heat-Gun Bosch-Gsb-10-Re-Kit Diamond Blades and Cup Wheels Diamond Blades Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blades Diamond Saw Blades Diamond Cutting Blades TCT Diamond Blades Single Row Cup Wheels Grinding Cup Wheels Circular Saws Circular Saw Compact Circular Saw HI FLEX HF-185MM-Circular-Saw Hi Flex HF-200W-Heat-Gun Hi Flex HF-CM4SA-110MM-Marble-Cutter Hi Flex HF-CM4SB-110MM-Marble-Cutter Hi-Flex HF-CM5-125MM-Marble-Cutter Reciprocating Saw Cordless Rotary Hammer Power Armatures Professional Armatures Power Armature Power Grinding Armature Pavement Breaker with Trolley Diamond Core Cutters Laser Distance Measurer Hi-Flex Laser Distance Meter GLM-40 Bosch Hand Hacksaw Blades Carbide Grit Hacksaw Blade Carbide Grit Rod Saw Hacksaw Blade BI-Metal Hand Hacksaw Blades Power Hand Hacksaw Blades Reciprocating Saw Blades Angle Grinders Dewalt DW810 Angle Grinders Dewalt 180mm Angle Grinder D28491 Dewalt-Dw-801-Angle-Grinder Dewalt-Dw-831-Angle-Grinder Dewalt-Dw-28413-Angle-Grinder Dewalt-Dw-28720-Chopsaw Dewalt-Dw-28870-Chopsaw Dewalt Dw28135 Angle Grinder 7'' Hi Flex HF-100MM-Angle-Grinder Hi Flex HF-100MM-Angle-Grinders Hi Flex HF-125MM-Angle-Grinders Hi Flex HF-180MM-Angle-Grinder Hole Saw Deep Cut Hole Saw Bi Metal Hole Saws TCT Hole Saw Hacksaw Frames Hacksaw Frame Hack Saw Blade Carbide Grit Rodsaw And Hacksaw Hacksaw Frames Grinding Wheels 4'' Grinding Wheel 7'' Grinding Wheel Cut Off Wheels 14'' Cut-Off Wheel 4" Cutting Wheel Cut-Off Wheels Diamond-Edge-Chop-Saw-Blade 14'' Gauge Block Set Slip Gauge Block Set Hole Saws Kits TCT Hole Saws Kits BI Metal Hole Saw Kits Drill Arbors Hand Hacksaw New Items Hi Flex Hf-180mm- Cut- Off- Machine Chop Saw Planet Power Hammer Machine 2-20mm Bosch GWS600 Angle Grinder Black And Decker Jigsaw KS600E Black And Decker KTG600 Angle Grinder Bosch-Impact-Drill-GSB-10 Bosch-Impact-Drill-GSB-13-Re Dewalt d024 13mm impact drill Dewalt Heat Gun Electric D26414 Dewalt-Chopsaw-Machine DW 871 Dewalt-Dw014-10mm-drill Dewalt-Dw-269-Screw-Driver Dewalt-Dw-331-Jig-Saw-Light Dewalt-Dw-341-Jig-Saw-Heavy Dewalt-Dw-862-Tile-Cutter Dewalt-Dw-25013-Hammer Dewalt-Dw-25901-10-Kg-Hammer hi-flex Diamond-Blades-Cup-Wheels HI FLEX Electric-Blower HI FLEX HF-6MM-Electric-Drill HI FLEX HF-6MM-Trimmer HF-10MM-Electric-Drill HI FLEX HF-10MM-Electric-Screwdriver HI FLEX HF-10MM-Impact-Drill-Polisher HI FLEX HF-11-KG-Demolition-Hammer HI FLEX HF-12MM-Router HI FLEX HF-12V-Cordless-Drill HI FLEXHF-13MM-Impact-Drills Hi Flex 20mm Rotary Hammer Hi Flex HF-25MM-Die-Grinder Hi Flex HF-26MM-Rotary-Hammer Hi Flex HF-35MM-Vibrator Hi flex HF-58CC-Petrol-Chain-Saw Hi Flex HF-85MM-Jig-Saw HI FLEX HF-93-185MM-Orbital-Sander HI FLEX HF-130-BAR-Pressure-Washer Hi Flex HF-110-100MM-Orbital-Sander Hi Flex HF-160MM-Mixer Hi Flex HF-180MM-Sander-Polisher Hi Flex HF-180MM-Car Polisher For more information please login to : or login ; or login ;

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14'' Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel, iron and steel.
14'' Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel, iron and steel.
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Vernier Caliper
Vernier Caliper INR 0 INR 0 Specification Metric / inch ( 0.02mm/0.001) Range 6x150mm 8x200mm 12x300mm True 1494754820
Depth Micrometer
Depth Micrometer INR 0 INR 0 Specification Metric (0.01 mm) range 0-25 mm 0-50 mm 0-100 mm 0-150 mm 0-300mm True 1494756177
Adjustable Inside  Micrometer  (jaw type)
Adjustable Inside Micrometer (jaw type) INR 0 INR 0 Specification Metric 0.01 mm Range 5-30 mm 25 -50 mm True 1494758674
Blower 350
Blower 350 INR 0 INR 0 Rated voltage: 230v Rated input power : 350w No load speed : 18000r/ min 2.5 m3/ min True 1494769071
Electric chain saw 405 mm
Electric chain saw 405 mm INR 0 INR 0 Rated voltage: 230v Rated input power : 1300w No load speed : 400r/ min Blade size 405 mm True 1494771725
Vibrator INR 0 INR 0 Rated voltage: 230v Rated input power : 780w No load speed : 3300r/ min Size :35 mm True 1494772301
Vernier Caliber
Vernier Caliber INR 0 INR 0 Specification Metric / inch (0.02mm/0.001) Range 6 x150 mm 8x 200mm 12x 300mm True 1494753956
Big Size Vernier Caliper
Big Size Vernier Caliper INR 0 INR 0 Specification Metric inch ( 0.02 mm / 0.001) Range 18x450mm 24x 600mm 40x 1000mm 60x1500 mm 80x2000 mm True 1494755039
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